[Haul] Super Cute Calico Bakery Series by eggbuttertoast

I like to do a bit of traveling throughout the year, specifically, for Anime Convention reasons, but that was pretty much impossible to do in 2020 and even early 2021. Because of this I actually haven’t gotten any new anime merch like my beloved keychains and prints, but that means I’ve had to channel my big spending elsewhere and online is where it’s at

I already followed quite a few artists but I usually met these artists at Artist Alleys so I didn’t really have a need to, you know, shop on their online stores. But again, this year things were different and I wanted to share an artist I found recently!

eggbuttertoast or Nao is one of my favorite artists right now!

Their stuff is just too ADORABLE. I’ve been following them for just under a year and they’ve already made two series, one is the Calico Bakery, which I’m going to share today, and the other is the Spot Cafe, which I’m hoping to share at a later date

They are located in Indonesia so, as you might all imagine, shipping is expensive. So whenever I shop their stuff, I very much bulk buy so I don’t have to pay shipping more than once. And shopping at Nao’s store is INTENSE. I really wanted to get the masks but I kid you not, they ran out before the five minute opening time. And not just the masks but many other items too!

I’m actually surprised I managed to get a pair myself!

Here are some closeups of the items I ended up buying because as much as I like to look at the spread, it’s kind of hard to see the details and OMG, the details!! All of these foods and pastries look Delicious and if this bakery actually existed, I would be a regular! Nao would probably get tired of seeing me!

Another reason that I was super on board with buying these (because yes, I second guess many purchases, especially when shipping is high) is that I work at a bakery. I wore these masks and carried my tote bags around whenever I went to work and I felt super cute. I was actually surprised about the bags too! I’m not a huge fan of tote bags but these were, not just cute, but also very sturdy and I fit so many things inside. My lunch, some books, my sweater, my water bottle. It wouldn’t always close but it got the job done and to this day (and I use it nearly daily and wash it in the wash about twice a week) it still looks great! As for the strawberry one…that one got stained because of a certain juice I put in there but that was on me, hehe

And of course it makes me happy when people ask me about these items and I’ll be like yes well there’s this amazing artist you should look them up

I also carried around some of the keychains (up until one of them snapped. It’s the one down below. I was very sad but it’s now in storage for the time being, I’m thinking of putting it on my wall or something later and since I didn’t want to risk the others, they’re also in a safe bag until further notice) and I have a few stickers on my desktop’s tower and my water bottle!

My only “problem” is that I have too many prints and stickers and I’m not sure how to go about displaying them!

I guess the nice thing about moving to a new place is that I’ll be able to really decorate the WHOLE place to my liking. And you bet these are going to be on display somewhere! On the other hand, I want them to continue being in pristine conditions so a part of me is also afraid of putting them out somewhere (but then what’s the point of buying them if I can’t show them off?)

I’m super excited with what else Nao will have in store for us. I recently made another purchase and got their Spot Cafe series. I am going to be in a dilemma. Should I carry around the bakery tote today, or the cafe? Both? Would it look weird? Ah! So many tough decisions!! And Nao is so nice and ON IT. I’ll drop a question about something and will get a response super quickly!

If you haven’t checked out Nao’s stuff, I definitely recommend you do, Now, especially if you like cute things, food, and…well, cute food and kitties and bunnies

– G

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