Finally Using Storygraph?

It’s been almost two years since I first heard about the new Goodreads alternative and many people seem to love it…it’s just not as well known it seems. Maybe, I’m not too privvy to this side of the interwebs

Recently deleted all my books, gotta start fresh

I was initially excited about it because I have a weakness for making new accounts and customizing them. Sadly, my Storygraph quickly went into disuse, but recently I thought hm, let me try again. My problem is that I’ve been using Goodreads for years and if I start using Storygraph, I’m going to want to have my WHOLE reading history on it.

I know there’s an import function for that but there are so many details that you can fill into Storygraph that I’m going to want to edit everything and I’d be back with my initial problem. On Storygraph you can give fractional points, ideal for those books that were clearly more than a 3/4 but not exactly a 4/5! – so I’d want to reevaluate all my reads…too much effort.

Wonder which book this was…

I don’t think I’ll be moving to Storygraph permanently, but I think I’m going to try my hand at using it for my more recent reads/from now on. Books I’ve read in 2021, maybe 2020 (it depends on how dedicated I am), and see where that gets me. I figure if one of the pros of using Storygraph is how detailed a review you can leave, I should use the function, right? And it’s hard to do that with older books I barely remember so I’ll keep it to recent reads only.

As for another reason I’m not a huge fan of Storygram, I don’t like the way it looks. I’m not sure how to describe it aside from blocky. There’s so much empty white space that I don’t like. It’s like preferring wide ruled to college ruled (which I don’t). It’s not bad, just not my preference. But I’ll probably get used to it

And the book is revealed!

That said, I do like the breakdown of information on our profile. Like yes, these are the types of books I read and there are even some interesting reading challenges we can join (community made!)

My Storygraph is pretty empty now but hopefully I fill it some in the next few days or (since I’m quarantined) in the next few hours. I’m pretty bored and I’m behind on book reviews so may as well, right?

Do you use Storygraph? Do you like it? Is that your main reading log site? Also, I’m eyeing the “graph” part of this app and I’m kind of curious about my stats once I start filling stuff in

– G

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