La casa de papel (thoughts on characters) – spoilers hasta temporada 2

Ya terminé el primer atraco de La casa de papel y wow! La verdad es que sí me interesó la serie desde el principio pero no pensé que me gustaría tanto. Igual, sabía que quería escribir otro post de la serie pero no me podía callar unos detalles así que ahora es un post más rant que review (although the last wasn’t really a review either so maybe no importa)

En fin, incoming SPOILERS.

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The start of a new year

The year is ending soon, which means it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions! This is actually something I enjoy planning and writing, but that I really struggle to complete. Why? Because I always forget what my resolutions are throughout the year and when I finally think that maybe I should take a look, I am too late to truly complete many of them. And yet, here I am, once more, writing up another resolutions list

Also, this post will talk about COVID-19 so if this is a trigger for you, please skip until the yellow highlighted portion.

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La casa de papel (parte 1)

I started watching this series on Netflix back when Suga (from BTS) mentioned it in one of his lives. Since it was originally a show in Spanish, decidí verla con mi mamá pero a ella no le gusto tanto. Yo decidí seguir viendo la serie porque sí se me hizo interesante, pero tambien como un reto. It’s been a while since I last watched anything in Spanish and this would be like practice.

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